Hollywoodland - Part 10 of 10

Our new friend Lori collected us from The Huntington, and took us on a trip to see Hollywoodland (as it was called before it was shortened to Hollywood). 
Those of us raised on the movies produced from the film factories of this place feel we know it backwards before we ever get there. Of course, things are never as we imagine them - even with film images to guide us. 
Film glamourises even the most ordinary of places, and Hollywood is a very ordinary district of Los Angeles; and though this could have been very disappointing, it was really quite exciting. Grauman's Chinese Theatre; The Dolby Theatre, Hollywood and Sunset Boulevard; Rodeo Drive and The Griffith Observatory, culminating in a panoramic vista of LA at night from the Hollywood Hills.
Our visit to California was a wonderful visual experience, so I shall continue to let some of our photographs tell the story...
The streets of L.A.
Sunset Boulevard
Homeward bound traffic
From the car as night falls on L.A.
Rodeo Drive
The Beverley Wilshire
Grauman's Chinese Theatre
A collage of some of the signed slabs outside Grauman's theatre
Inside the Dolby Theatre
A young boy dodging the fountains. He got soaked shortly after this.
A lot of interest when looking upward.
Outside the Dolby Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard
Entrance hall at The Griffith Observatory
This is what everyone was looking at - a Foucault Pendulum
One of the many interesting and interactive displays at The Griffith Observatory
Los Angeles at night from the Griffith Observatory
Photographs and text copyright G J Stewart MMXV.


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