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Treasures of the Huntington: The Gardens - Part 8 of 10

A particular highlight of our LA trip - and continues to be so more than a year after the event - was our trip to Huntington Gardens. The Huntington is, of course, much more than a garden - of which more later - but the extensive gardens with their many 'themed' areas are such a jewel in a many-jewelled crown that they deserve special attention. My father was a gardener perhaps first and foremost. Gardening was his first love and remained so, creating several beautiful gardens during his lifetime. He would have loved this garden and for so many reasons. Like a lot of things American, it strives to be bigger and better than anything elsewhere and though it succeeds on many levels, its appeal remains predominantly an American one. Gill and I loved it without doubt, and were it in Argyll would continue to be regular visitors, but I feel it would struggle against many of the great gardens in Europe upon which it seems to have modelled itself. This maybe is the flaw - from t

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