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Santa Barbara, Then Home - Part 11 of 10

This post was always in my plan for this series, but I seem to have made a miscalculation en route; I suspect when I split the Huntington visit into 2 posts Perhaps I should have taken the small amount of time needed to change the numbering on the previous 10 posts, but better would have been to show the Huntingtons as 8a and 8b. However, there is a part of me that likes having an eleventh part of a ten part series, just as Douglas Adams' Hitch-hiker's Guide to The Galaxy trilogy comprises five books. If one is going to be inaccurate, then be incontrovertibly inaccurate; stylishly inaccurate, even gloriously inaccurate. This post is not only badly numbered it will contain a couple of spelling mistakes (if my pedantry will permit - I am already recoiling at the thought), as well as a photograph or two I am not entirely happy with. Of course, the purpose of this blog when I started it was to show some of my personal photographs, although since that time I now have a photography…

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