Salta, Argentina 2014


Salta is not the easiest place to reach from the UK. It is in the North-western corner of Argentina; and whatever people may tell you there is still an emnity between Argentina and the United Kingdom as a result of the Falklands War. It seems however, that the greatest approbation in this fine country is reserved for the English.
Apart from the fact that our son Marc lives in Salta, with his lovely wife, Belen; our Scots nationality meant that we were greeted everywhere as friends. I am sure many Scots fought in that awful conflict, but we were viewed - I think - as compatriots. Another nation defeated by the English Oppressors. Often we were asked how we were voting in the Referendum (for Scottish Independence - Indyref), but our residence in County Wicklow in Ireland during that time meant we could bow out of that debate graciously.
But I am getting ahead of my story. Our journey to Salta involved a few flight connections - no great hardship, but part of the grind one expects in international travel in the 21st century.


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