Moine Mhor

Moine Mhor, 'The Great Moss', is only a short distance from Dove Cottage and a favourite place for Tessi , Gill amd I to go for walks. It is a National Nature Reserve and when visited one feels a very special atmosphere about the place. 
The bog itself forms a a huge, shallow dome, as it has risen over the years. Inexorably it is rising each year - reclaiming land from what once was sea. It is a remnant of one of our most ancient landscapes
For more information on this fantastic place, please contact I took these photographs and others too, because I want to produce some artworks based on this unique place - it is the only example left in Britain of a landscape that changes from saltmarsh close to the sea; through freshwater peat bog, to woodland and hillside vegetation. Yet another reason why Kilmartin Glen is a very special place indeed.
G J Stewart, January 2012.


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